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A Space Between Rains ISBN


Victoria Chames


About the author:

I've been a lot of things, over a lot of years. An artist, a poet, a photographer, a fashion model, a working wife, a salesgirl, almost everything except a waitress. My birthmother was a waitress all her life. I only knew her when I was very young, but I remember what she told me. She said, "Vickie Honey, don't ever be a waitress..." and so I never did. I've been a wanderer, a seeker, a flower-child, a firefighter/Paramedic, an ER Medical Tech compassionate caregiver, and more. All of it was an incredible adventure and a priceless education.

Like so many others, underneath it all I have always been a writer. Ever since I was six and I discovered words, I loved to read, anything I could get my sticky little hands on. I was totally wowed with words, I decided "I'm going to be writer and write books." I also wanted to be a jockey and ride beautiful brave racehorses. It took a lot longer than I planned, getting to that writer part of my life, decades, and I never did get to the racehorse-jockey thing.

I was born in North Carolina, grew up in Texas, got married and went to New Haven Connecticut where I lived the three loneliest years of my life putting my husband through grad school.Then we moved to the frozen tundra of Minnesota, where I got frostbitten toes, got a clue, got divorced, and set out seeking a life of my own instead of just the shadowy periphery of his.

My life has been a zig-zag trajectory that brought me from North Carolina, to Texas, Connecticut, New York, Minnesota, Michigan, Massachusetts, and a few more places, till I finally ended up on the West Coast of Northern California like the Promised Land. Finally, I knew I was home, and I stayed.

Through all of it, I wrote, mostly in secret. In times when I could not even speak, I wrote, and what I wrote began to tell me who I was, and it was not who I wanted to be. Poetry was my secret confidante, my therapy, my refuge, my one true mirror, my small voice singing in the silence, and ultimately, my salvation.

Victoria lives in Northern California and edits NewPoets, a poetry website for new unpublished and underpublished writers.
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