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About The Poetry

This is a website for poets and lovers of poetry. We don't believe it's a dying art. Far from it. People said books would become obsolete after the development of the Internet. But in fact, book sales and patronage of libraries is at the highest level in history, and rapidly growing. People who loved books still love books, and people who never did are discovering the private pleasure of reading.

The New Poets website is here just because we wanted there to be a place like this, where people who are not famous can be published and read. If you enjoy the poetry, send comments. Send friends. Send poems. Thank you.

Howa poem happens – or doesn't.

Most writers will tell you, we don't really write poetry. we just try to make ourselves available to it. It comes from someplace else.

I think the poet's part of this is to listen carefully, not push or pull, but let it come and then write it down. If I TRY to write, that never works. It comes when it wants to, and you can never know when something will come. So be ready.