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On the Question of Race

They ask me to write down my race

And I think and think very seriously

I know I should mark Latino Caucasian

But I am more

Yes I am a proud Latina

Yes I am part Caucasian

But that's not all


Rice and beans

My dads favorite dish

What he grew up with

Where's the box that has this?


99.7 the radio station my brother loves

The music beaming from his room

Which box includes his tune?


Stir fried veggies in the kitchen

Organic Everything's never missing

And all I'm wishing is for a box I can check

that has all these listings


Big family reunions filled with music and dancing

Loving and caring

Smiling and cherishing


But I look and don't find a box that fits

So I decide to check "other" because that's the closest it gets.