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Who Am I? I do website design. I write a lot. I am a musician. So I write music too. I think too much. In general I really do enjoy life. Some days I am cool and some days I am very not cool. I think my thoughts and feelings collide into most of what I think is true and I act off of it... For the most part I am amiable and friendly. But distant and a bit perplexed at the whole picture that I stand back to look at. I am 19. I live in a small house in a bad/good part of town. Bad because everyone else who doesn't live here says it's bad, and good because I live there and I grew up there and I think it's good.
(Jake's Blog is at: http://jakeisdeaddesign.com)

I Thought I Could Change The World


I thought I could change the world

just reach up and pull the switch

that no one else had thought of

And I’d just take my spade

go dig up the graves

of the good people before me

I’d ask what should we do?

What is our plan?

Cause the world you know

It spins on high demand

They said ”Boy don’t give in

keep up all your tries

cause the good always wins

and the bad always dies

young, but you know

in the end

it’s all the same”

So I laid then back down inside

of their graves

didn’t get what they said so I

moved on my way

to something better

I knew I could change the world.

So I thought

I’d find something in a book

maybe if I took the closer look

I’d see something was missing

but all I found

all I found was a pattern

The ups and downs

and thereafter

rollercoasters cycle by

I said what the heck

the facts blur the lines

History is the study of choosing sides

I said "Man, don’t you see

It’s on the TV

Evil always sells better

but the good comes for free

don’t you get it

the world will never change"

Now I see

I think it’s not my fault

It’s the politics, the pollution,

the governmental institutions,

that got me here

It’s nicotine, magazines,

It’s single moms at seventeen

It’s mouthwash, lemon drops,

and anorexic beauty queens.

It’s all of them

but it’ll never be me."